What on Earth is LobeShare, Really?

To understand what LobeShare really is, one needs to realize that it is a collective of diverse things sharing one name.

Dual Lightning

LobeShare is a Name

The name LobeShare was chosen by its founder as wordplay on his surname (which most most people struggle to pronounce quite like the Laubscher family does) and for its reference to the shared mind concept that continues to serve as core inspiration to this day.

Gear Head

LobeShare is a Concept

Growing out Inspired by the idea of having people having direct mutual access to the mind of another like a file or database server, LobeShare is the concept of a great many minds interconnected to function as one mind with the capacity and power to change anything and everything. To become more than a pipe dream, to become viable, the concept needed to also evolve trustworthy mechanisms to prevent the overwhelming power of such a coordinated and connected collective mind from being used by a small subsection of the population to further oppress others.


LobeShare is Technology

The availability of suitable technology had been a major challenge from the start, the most crucial aspect of which had been finding the sweet spot where technological advances that lives in the public domain leaves little enough proprietary technology being required to ensure cost effective development but enough to ensure that LobeShare does not get ripped off by some evil corporation or agency to be used against it. Whereas the adage that technical problems can always be solved remains true, using that to create a strategic advantage for the shareholders is a non-trivial technical problem in itself. The LobeShare Technology refers to that portion of specialized proprietary technology that makes LobeShare both possible and uniquely able to serve mankind as its exclusive shareholding customers.


LobeShare is a Project

All of the historical, current and future effort involved in creating the LobeShare Concept and bringing it to fruition, and all of its phases and sub-projects, is known as the LobeShare Master Project, or simply LobeShare Project.

Check out The LobeShare Project Phases for more detail.


LobeShare is a Campaign

The current phase (the 3rd of 6) of the LobeShare Master Project which needed one of the many attempts at getting an awareness campaign to experience viral spread in order to reach self-sustainability has failed to break through that viral barrier. Although it might be a blessing in disguise, the reality is that LobeShare is not yet able to generate funds in order to undertake the primary development project phases. A crowd-funding campaign with LobeShare App, prepaid levies and certificates as rewards is being set up to fill the funding gap to reach that self-funding objective.


LobeShare is a Smartphone App

Although the real smartphone app will have another name, and different generations of that app might even be named differently too, it is somewhat fair to speak of a LobeShare App in general terms. The first versions would be focused squarely on making it possible for a large target audience to fully understand what LobeShare is all about and what it will mean to them, their personal well-being and future. As the development progress, that app or a replacement of it will grow into the bidirectional communication tool which will systematically introduce and grow the whole new mode of communication which the entire concept was conceived to achieve.

Matrix Heads

LobeShare is a System

The LobeShare System, spelled like that with a capital S, is a classic complex system in Cybernetics terms, arranging all humans, computers and networks into a whole bigger than the some of its parts. This giant, global, overarching entity structured in accordance with our best understanding of how large complex systems become viable system is recursively divided into many levels and countless smaller Systems structured by the same meta model to ensure viability at all levels but most importantly to provide a framework within which competition and cooperation can flourish safely.


LobeShare is a Corporation

People are not quite the sovereign entities some believe themselves to be. The vast majority of the world’s population has a nationality or citizenship, which makes them role players in the affairs of a particular country. Citizenship affords them rights and privileges, but also binds them to rules and obligations designed by their respective states. LobeShare might have incredible power, but it cannot recite a phrase from some magic book to free people from their roles in society and the commercial systems they are similarly indebted to.

Incorporation had been “invented” to provide for stable commercial and social entities that outlive people. Unfortunately, that had lead to unbalanced power in favor of the corporation.

Put those two realities together, and mix in the bit of martial arts wisdom whereby one should use the energy of one’s opponent to defeat him, and the adage of “if you can’t beat them, join them” and you end up with the undeniable concept of a single global organization owned exclusively and equally by all actual humans, but legally made up of 232 national organizations created for the primary purpose of representing all people of each of the nations. That globally federated corporation is what has the working title of LobeShare International, a.k.a. The LobeShare Corporation.

Earth Head

LobeShare is not a Collective Consciousness

The animal brain, and more so the human brain plays a key yet poorly understood role in consciousness. The state of the arts that concern themselves with consciousness includes precious few insights into what consciousness really is, where it comes from and where it lives. But we do know that consciousness is not the same thing as a working brain.

In the same way, for the same reasons, LobeShare is not a collective consciousness at all. Humanity, united in exquisite diversity, dynamically interconnected in a self-deterministic manner through a purpose built medium, is what “houses” the collective consciousness in the same way the human brain “houses” our consciousness.

What elusive consciousness the collective of all humans may have is sacred, sovereign, unbound by any laws and the sole domain and property of all humans. Nobody could create such a consciousness, or destroy it for that matter. If through the evolution of human communications, the degree and depth of connection between people, and the shared understanding that LobeShare seeks to enable, we happen to rediscover how to consciously interact with our collective consciousness, then it won't be because LobeShare created such a collective.