My Declaration of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance[1], in no significant order, to myself[1:1], to every human being on the planet, to honesty and to whatever intelligent creator we might discover to have had a say in matter and the glory of our existence.

I am overwhelmed by devotion to shared understanding as a cause, objective and direct consequence of every ounce of energy I've spent to date and will spend in what remains of my time.

I acknowledge my personal cognitive inadequacy (which simply means I am too stupid) to expect of myself to come up with solutions to any of the world's countless issues, problems and injustices. It is also my conviction that no one individual is or have ever been smart enough for such challenge. The inadequacy will likely remain the case for humans, and must at all cost remain the case for machines and corporations. We must ensure that where solutions are found, considered and chosen for implementation they unerringly regard our human interests above all else.

In response, I have and will continue to dedicate my time and energy to afford all people the power and ability to understand and be understood, to hear and be heard and in that, come together as an exquisitely diverse collective with the capacity and ability to celebrate all differences and stand together where it matters most.

Even if I were to believe more strongly one way or another by traditional norms, I understand that anything or anyone worth believing in would also have the power to exist without my support and the grace to understand why it had been important. I have absolutely no desire or intent to convince you to believe anything remotely the same as I do, or even to change your views in any particular direction. I have the utmost of respect for you, for what you believe in, for the reasons you believe or don't believe, and for what compels you to further your religious (or anti-religious) cause. All I beg for in return, is that you accept that I am on your side.

I was raised to accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour in a church I could eventually find no common ground with. I cannot change that history, but I am not against Christianity at all. Nor against Judaism, Islam, Bahá’ism, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Slavic neopaganism, Celtic polytheism, Heathenism, Semitic neopaganism, Wicca, Kemetism, Hellenism nor Italo-Roman neopaganism. Even though their followers refuse to accept that they treat their lack of belief like a religion, I am also not against the "anti"-religions of Irreligion, Atheism, Agnosticism, Nontheism, Naturalism, Scientology, Science, Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or any of the hundreds of variants in between.

They all have their place and serve a purpose. And for as long as even two of them strive to convert (or revert) all people to the same religious standard with any degree of success, however bloody or temporary, a single standard such as most of the religions would require in order to be effective in achieving peace on earth, would be impossible. In that sense, I am also simultaneously against them all equally. I mean them no harm, but I recognize that not one of them can serve my purpose, which is the purpose of all people, together.

I believe wholeheartedly that we will eventually understand how creation and evolution conspired to see to the existence of the universe and our place within it.

I believe that once we have such understanding, we would agree that intelligence has played a significant role, not just chance.

I understand religion and its human devices and even though I despise how people with bad intent had been able to turn religion into oppression for their personal benefit, I appreciate that religion, evangelism and gospel had once been the only semi-feasible alternative to chaotic barbarism.

The principles of religion can, might and probably will again form part of a solution to the current rule of chaotic barbarism disguised as capitalism, democracy, human rights campaigns and above all religions we are suffering under at the moment.

I believe that much of the scriptures have been written with fantastic intent and ample experience as well as insight. Sage advice, so to speak. But I do not believe the scriptures to be holy, the word of any gods or even divinely audited. Not one of the scripture. Inspired writing indeed, divinely inspired perhaps, but the words of a divinity it is not.

Among the many, many things I do not know, is whether or not the intelligent creator has any language even remotely similar to ours. I really don't know. But what I do know is that human languages are way too pathetically constituted to be even remotely adequate as language fit for any intelligent creator of universes and natural laws and such.

Once more without any firm evidence as yet, I expect that as we as a species acquire higher order communication capabilities such as what LobeShare seeks to enable, that the result will be a new "language" which is a lot closer to what any divine entity would use than anything humans have come up with since Babel. Even if it turns out to not be the divine language, or still not even compatible with the language of a universal creator, then at the very least the new higher level language will by itself be worth every penny we spend developing it.

  1. Anyone who denies self-allegiance is dishonest to the point of being discredited entirely, as they would likely lie about other important things as well. It is not only acceptable to place your own interests above all others but also something you have zero control over at all, like gravity and inertia. Your free will applies only to what you choose to believe is in your best interest. ↩︎ ↩︎