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What kind of man is Marthin Laubscher?

Marthin Laubscher
I met Marthin Laubscher through a Facebook Mensa group that we both belong to. He did not stand out in any particular way until September of 2015, when he caught my attention by alluding to Lobeshare. Back then he was being very cryptic about it, understandably so, and I took it upon myself to advise him with regard to one or two matters, thereby beginning our lengthy dialogue.

In the time that I have known Marthin I have learned much about him. He never ceases to amaze me in just how humble he is and how genuinely dedicated he is towards the welfare of others. With God as my witness (I do believe in a God by the way), I swear that he is fully committed to the betterment of all mankind through Lobeshare. Never before have I encountered someone with so much, but willing to share it with so many.

I'm not saying that Marthin is rich and powerful, that is not the case, but if he were to hoard Lobeshare's technology, he could make a large fortune and keep it all to himself. He could easily have sold the idea to a big media or social media corporation, but he's chosen to do things the hard way, the right way. In my books that says a lot about him as a person.

Marthin is modest to a fault. He's not the kind of person who enjoys the limelight or singing his own praises. I asked Marthin to put a piece about himself on this site, but he declined. He's literally too modest to talk about himself (the thought of it probably mortifies him). Fortunately he has a ridiculously arrogant and somewhat verbose friend to help out in these situations, I was pleased when he agreed to post something about himself if I wrote it instead. (I foresee difficulty in getting him to actually put this on the site though, if you're reading this, then I guess I managed to convince him!) Imagine, if you will, the exact opposite of Donald Trump (modest, intelligent, thinks before he speaks, puts others before himself, has his own hair etc.) - that's Marthin.

Lobeshare is Marthin's life work, born out of his need to communicate effectively with his colleagues, it is something that he has now spent nearly three decades working on. I consider him to be a thorough and intelligent man, one capable of creating a system that can do what he says it can.

I believe that Marthin will do whatever he can to make a success of Lobeshare. I humbly ask that if you are someone fortunate enough to be in a position to assist him with this, that you please do so. A crowdfunding campaign will be underway shortly to move Lobeshare to the next phase of development. Helping Marthin is not helping an individual, it really is about helping everyone at the end of the day. It is Marthin's vision to eventually reach every single person of Earth, so that everybody can benefit from Lobeshare. Once again, he could have chosen money as a motivating factor for this, he hasn't, he's chosen helping people. THAT'S Marthin Laubscher!

By: Graham Mountifield - June 2016